Kindle Paperwhite – The Voyage was not for me

After a fair bit of research I decided to upgrade from my (basic) Kindle to the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite, 212ppi, 16-level gray scale

Why upgrade?

My previous Kindle was great. I didn’t feel like I needed the touch screen, and using the 5 directional button was fine. The main thing that I wished for was backlight. In the past, I would read on my Kindle during the day (especially outdoors), and on my iPad Mini at night. I’m hoping that now I can just use one device…

Why not the Voyage?

The Kindle Voyage looks great. I wish that the Paperwhite had physical page turn buttons, but I can’t justify spending $120 more for page-press sensors, 300ppi (rather than 212ppi for the Paperwhite), and adaptive light. I’ll just buy a dozen books with that money instead!

Why not read on the iPad Mini?

I could make up tons of reasons, but the truth is that I’m just not disciplined enough. I love my iPad Mini and I just get distracted by all the apps and things that I could be doing.