November 19, 2019

Making Episode 10 of the podcast has been the most fun yet. We cover:

  • Open floor plans vs Private Office. Bonus: Keyboard clickiness
  • Rainbows and unicorns
  • Honey, macaroons, bread, yogurt, and strawberry jam
  • Kids: birthday parties, sickness avoidance
  • … and much more


November 15, 2019

‪It was a pleasure to speak to the Wellington ICT graduate students today.‬

I remember being in their shoes just a couple of… decades ago. Oh dear.


September 17, 2019

I hope the U1 chip will enable automatic iPhone, iPad, Mac unlock from a trusted, unlocked device (ie. having an Apple Watch on the wrist could unlock an iPhone as it’s picked up)


September 16, 2019

Episode 8 is out:

  • An immigrant’s understanding of New Zealand history
  • Thoughts on the Android 10 and on the Apple’s announcements
  • Todd DeLand’s thoughts on how to introduce kids to News and Current Affairs
  • … and much more


August 25, 2019

I used a blow drier on my beard and now I think I understand people who have to deal with bad hair days.


August 20, 2019

Fascinating: Disney+ will launch in New Zealand in November 2019. Meanwhile, Apple News is still not available, but Apple TV+ is coming.

Surprised to see that video streaming is “easier” than News.