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A Recommendation for the Air New Zealand Customer Carbon Offsetting Programme

Air New Zealand has a Carbon Offset programme and that’s a really good thing. I wish it was more attractive to flyers, though. If you don’t normally offset your flight’s carbon footprint, I’m curious to hear if the changes I propose below would make you more interested in participating in this programme.

At KiwiFoo this year I spoke to a few smart people and asked them if they offset their carbon footprint when flying Air NZ. People looked away, shrugged, and shook their heads. When asked why, their answers were a variation around the same theme: it felt futile, and a bit of a waste of time and money.

The rest of this blog post details how I believe this programme can be rejuvenated. I believe more people would participate in the programme if they felt appreciated and rewarded.

Real benefits

People are asked to spend money in order to offset their flights. There is even a calculator for that.

The offset cost for a return flight from Wellington to Auckland, as far as I know, can be as low as $2.49.

Wellington to Auckland Carbon Offset Cost $2.49 In return for that, what you get is just a good feeling. And that should be enough. But it’s not in our human nature for an anonymous good gesture like that to become the norm. What humans need is rewards, or, as we like to call it nowadays, a strong value proposition.

What if, upon paying to offset the carbon emissions, flyers get the following in return:

  1. A bag tag (or an insert in the vein of the orange priority tag that Star Alliance Gold members receive) that makes the bag stand out. How about a Pohutukawa insert that flyers can pick up somewhere near the check-in machines? This would be very similar to how Electric Vehicles often carry a blue badge.
  2. Luggage priority (value!). That would require the creation of a middle tier in luggage processing. Orange priority tags > Pohutukawa tags > Regular.
  3. Upweight for OneUp.  Currently, these are the upweight tiers: Elite – 50%, Gold – 30%, Silver – 10%. What if Pohutukawa was 5%?
  4. A creative, community designed, visual representation of the flyer’s aggregate contribution on the Air New Zealand website and apps.

Peer pressure

When other travellers see repeatedly the Pohutukawa Bag Tag insert, they may become curious with regards to what it represents. They may even learn more about the programme, and they may be encouraged to try it.

For each flight, let all the flyers see how much of the carbon footprint has been offset. Visually, that could be as simple as colouring in an Air NZ plane. Better still, maybe there is a way to produce a heat-map of the plane showcasing where the carbon offset spending occurred.

When there is a positive offset (ie. more carbon was offset than produced), then maybe there can be a new form of reward for the fliers who contributed (e.g. discount on the carbon offset cost of their next flight).

Closing notes

I’m secretly hoping somebody from Air New Zealand comes across this blog post and it inspires them to look at the Carbon Offset Programme once again. Is it producing the results that they were hoping it would? Are there ways to make it more attractive to flyers and to encourage them to contribute? I am a Star Alliance Gold member, I fly a lot more than I’d like to, and I often forget that this programme exists.


June 23, 2017

The News app is available to (brave) Kiwis running the iOS11 beta. It’s not completely functional, but can be subdued. #iOS11

Fixed: Mac won’t join the WiFi network

This morning I wanted to get my Mac to join the Hotel’s WiFi network, and after being shown the Join WiFi window, and after providing all the correct information, I was shown a button that did nothing when clicked. The reason was that clicking that button would show a JavaScript popup, and this is not allowed inside the Join dialog. Here’s how I fixed it.

Luckily, macOS has a way to load this WiFi Join window inside an actual browser. The URL works just fine in Safari, so point your browser to:

It’s now possible to fill the form and actually see the JavaScript popup (as long as the browser settings don’t explicitly prevent it).


May 6, 2017

La Bella Italia. Salmon deliciousness.


May 6, 2017

NFC beam would be so great if it was more reliable. 2 out of 3 requests failed while transferring despite the phones touching edges 🙁


April 8, 2017

I submitted v1.0 of the Improved app today, and it feels like there’s still a year’s worth of “fast following” work remaining. 

If you’re not embarrassed by v1 the you shipped too late, right?

Check out the website too: and here’s what a completed job looks like:

ps. I love that URL


April 8, 2017

I spent a couple of hours battling with SiriKit the other day. 

Getting messages to work was a breeze. Photos intents however completely misbehaved. Couldn’t even get the debugger to attach.